Prague Pride to offer 120 events this year

The 5th Prague Pride marking out the lives of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community is all set to start on August 10, 2015. This time, however, the event team has decided to offer 120 events to attract more heterosexuals to films, concerts, theatrical performances, and discussions. On August 15, the Prague Pride will climax with a march in the Prague center. Continue reading Prague Pride to offer 120 events this year

Prague Pride 2014

Prague Pride 2014. Credit: Prague Pride

Prague has been voted the most gay-friendly city of central and Eastern Europe, which is reflected in Prague Pride, the biggest LGBT festival in the region. The city’s respectful, non-judgmental attitude towards homosexuality people has promoted positivity within the community. Continue reading Prague Pride 2014

Paleni Carodejnic (Witches’ Night)

Pálení carodejnic or ‘Burning of the Witches’ is an ancient folk festival, celebrated by the Czech people to ward off the evil winter spirits. On the evening of April 30th, Czechs believe that the power of the witches is at their peak and they could be tamed only if the weather got warmer. Continue reading Paleni Carodejnic (Witches’ Night)

Burning of the Witches

Creative Commons/Pelayo2

April 30th is celebrated as Witches Night in Prague and all over the Czech Republic. Brooms symbolising witches are burnt all throughout the Czech Republic. This night in Prague may seem like Halloween or even a throwback to the Middle Ages. Sounds of witches or hags cackling or laughing resonate the air. Continue reading Burning of the Witches