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Visit Prague in FebruaryNo Comments

Prague holidays with all the perks, you can be sure you will find it. Prague events in the month of February are guaranteed to please everyone who attends. Continue reading

Travel tips for visiting Prague in FebruaryNo Comments

If you are planning a trip to Prague in February, it really is a great time of year to check out the city. It is not going to be crowdy due to cold weather, so you can see more of the sights and sounds without all of the crowds. Continue reading

Once in Prague, Forever in Prague!No Comments

If a typical tourist period, i.e. 10 to 15 days at the most, is not enough for you to get real glimpses of Prague, then consider working here. If you really want to make Prague your home, then go for it! The city has wonderful options to make a living here, for those who want to lead a peaceful life. Continue reading

Prague Sidetrips1 Comment

Along with Prague’s world famous attractions, city’s outskirts and nearby one-day-trip locations have become quite famous now a days. Continue reading

Treasures of Prague – the Central European City1 Comment

Prague, the capital of Czech Republic is also famous as ‘fairytale city’. The cobbled stone streets, steeples of ancient castles, churches, cathedrals and houses with red roof tops create fairytale like atmosphere while lush gardens, green hilltops and beautiful bridges over graceful rivers flowing through the city increase its beauty. Continue reading

Gardens of PragueNo Comments

Prague, capital of Czech Republic and one of the most beautiful cities in Europe has nurtured gifts of nature with great care. The green spaces in city are the proofs! Visit as many gardens as possible and make your holidays in Prague brim over with totally different experience! Continue reading

3 Reasons Why Prague is Famous among Solo TravelersNo Comments

Do not hesitate to book flights to Prague and to the city just to experience and enjoy the pleasures of solo traveling. your time-off spent in such a beautiful city rich in culture, art and history is safe as the city is compact and the most of the city attractions can visited with an ease as they are located in a close proximity of one another. Continue reading

St. Wenceslas ChapelNo Comments

Prague is bestowed with treasures of history rich in art and culture. St Wenceslas Chapel of St Vitus Cathedral, a masterpiece of art and intricacy, is a gem of Gothic architecture in Prague. Continue reading

To Prague Castle by FootNo Comments

Visit Prague to see the centuries’ old castles, cathedrals and other ancient attractions. Today, though the conveniences and lifestyle have changed, the city as a whole especially the streets remain the same. Continue reading

Enjoy Golf While In PragueNo Comments

When you are in Prague for a holiday, the city offers multiple choices of entertainment.

Visiting tourist attractions of the city is the best choice to enjoy your time-off for sure. But, city’s golf courses are equally interesting. If you are a sport enthusiast, do not miss a chance to visit golf courses in Prague and spend some relaxing and quality time with yourself. Continue reading