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Prague Festivals

Prague (Praha in Czech) is one of the most beautiful and enchanting cities in Europe (if not the world!)

There are plenty of festivals and events held throughout the year attracting a variety of visitors from inside and outside the country and the continent.

Major events of Prague are opera performances, museums & galleries, exhibitions, classical or modern musical concerts and film festivals as well as plenty of other arts and cultural events.


Anniversary of Jan Palach's Death ( Visit Site )

On the 19th of January, Czechs commemorate the death anniversary of Jan Palach, a student of the Charles University who self-immolated in protest against the Soviet takeover (1969). People assemble in the square and flowers are laid at the monument of Jan Palach and Jan Zajíc

Three Kings' Day ( Visit Site )

Also known as the 12th Night, Three Kings' Day represents the official ending of the Christmas season. People usually gather around a group of carol singers and gifts are given to those less fortunate.

Prague Winter Festival

This is an annual festival of opera, ballet and classical music which started in 1972. Generally, these concerts take place in Prague's National Theatre.


Masopust ( Wikipedia )

Masopust (Czech Mardi Gras / Carnival) Festival is held in the district of Zizkov and usually ends with a parade through the streets of Prague. People enjoy dressing up in costumes, which represent mythical characters. 'Masopust' means to give up meat, and this is the last chance to have a meat feast before the fasting begins. The celebrations go on for about three days leading up to Lent.


Birthday of Tomas G Masaryk ( Wikipedia )

This is an annual remembrance of Prague's first president, which takes place on the 7th of March.

Easter Monday

This is a big celebration in Prague, when most of the young party and the older generation gather at each other's houses, feasting and drinking till the early hours of the morning. It is traditional for a man to give a yellow ribbon to the girl he likes and in return the woman gives hand painted eggs. Both of these gifts are on sale throughout the city and the Czech Republic during this period.

FebioFest ( Visit Site )

This is one of the biggest film festivals of Prague which takes place in late March showcasing new films, renowned films and films of famous film-makers.

St Matthew's Fair

St Matthew's Fair begins from the 24th of February up until the Easter weekend and is held every year at the Holešovice fairground in Prague. The fair offers roller coasters, game stalls, Ferris wheel, candyfloss stands and lots more.

Writers Festival ( Visit Site )

This is a gathering of writers who come from all over the world to discuss and share their work. This is held in Prague and includes bookshop events and public lectures.

JedenSvet / One World ( Visit Site )

JedenSvet / One World is the largest human rights film festival in the world held annually in Prague during nine days in Spring. It showcases over a 100 documentary films on human rights issues in various theatres across Prague.


Witches' Night ( Visit Site )

On 30th of April, in various parts of Prague the witch-burning festival is celebrated. Unofficially it is celebrated on Petrín hill. Brooms are burnt and bonfires take place throughout the evening in an attempt to ward off evil.


Book World Prague ( Visit Site )

As the name suggests, it is an International book fair, which takes place at the Vystaviste exhibition grounds. It includes book launches, English readings by authors and lectures.

Labour Day

The 1st of May traditionally marks the Labour Day, a national holiday when people generally go on trips into the country to enjoy the arrival of spring. Many couples also lay flowers by the statue of the romantic poet Karel Hynek Macha.

Khamoro - World Roma Festival ( Visit Site )

This is an international festival of Roma culture, which is held at the end of May. A parade usually takes place in Stare Mesto, and there are art and photography displays which are complimented by various musical concerts.

Prague Fringe Festival ( Visit Site )

A fringe theatre festival takes place in various parts of the city. Many times, the performances are held in English.

International Tattoo Convention ( Visit Site )

The tattoo fair takes place in May, on a weekend at the SK Slavia Praha complex at Strahov.

Prague International Marathon (PIM) ( Visit Site )

This marathon takes place in May, with music bands and dancers supporting the runners as they race. Participants from all around the world take part in this event.

World Festival of Puppet Art

The World Association of Puppeteers (WAP) annually organizes the World Festival of Puppet Art at Old Town during the last week of May and early June. It offers movie and theatre performances for children and adults alike.

Prague Spring ( Visit Site )

One of the major international classical music festivals takes place at various venues throughout May and June. Events take place in historical buildings, churches and theatres across Prague.


Ceský Krumlov Chamber Music Festival ( Visit Site )

This is a festival of chamber music, which has taken place since 1987.

Czech Folklore Festival ( Visit Site )

Folk music, Czech culture and heritage are observed in this festival. It takes place throughout the summer.

Dance Prague Tanec Praha ( Visit Site )

This is a modern dance festival, which takes place in theatres all over Prague. The festival lasts for the whole month of June.


Karlovy Vary International Film Festival ( Visit Site )

This is one of the largest film festivals of the Czech Republic. It is also one of the oldest festivals in Europe. Various celebrities attend this festival each year.

Jan Hus Day ( Wikipedia )

A celebration is held in the memory of Jan Hus (the Bohemian religious protestor), who was burnt at the stake in 1415.

Summer Shakespeare Festival ( Visit Site )

Classic Shakespeare plays are performed in the courtyard of Burgrave Palace at Prague Castle.


Mystic Skate Cup ( Visit Site )

The International pro-skateboarding cup is held in the specially designed Mystic Skate Park on Štvanice Island.

Trutnov Open Air Music Festival ( Visit Site )

This is one of the largest open air music festivals held in Trutnov.

Prague International Organ Festival ( Wikipedia )

This is one of the largest open air music festivals held in Trutnov.

Festival of Italian Opera

This festival takes place at the Prague State Opera house and features many quality Italian opera performances, including the famous work of Verdi.


Wine Festivals

During wine harvesting season, various wine festivals are held throughout the country. The celebrations involve food, music, dance and tasting of wines, especially the region's speciality – Burcák, a sweet and potent wine, which is only partially fermented. In late September, Vinohradské vinobraní, the largest wine harvesting celebration takes place in the Vinohrady district.

Prague Autumn International Music Festival ( Wikipedia )

In this festival, the works of Czech composers and world artists are presented. This is an international festival of classical music, held in various concert halls. This is the autumn version of Prague Spring. Usually the concerts are held at the Rudolfinum. Prague Autumn has rapidly gained a reputation for attracting the world's greatest composers.

Strings of Autumn ( Visit Site )

This is a big international music festival held in the National Theatre and other venues in autumn.

Strings of Autumn ( Visit Site )

This is a big international music festival held in the National Theatre and other venues in autumn.


International Jazz Festival ( Visit Site )

This festival has been a popular event since 1964 and lasts for two weeks. Performances of Czech and international musicians usually take place at the Reduta Jazz Club.


International Jazz Festival ( Visit Site )

This festival has been a popular event since 1964 and lasts for two weeks. Performances of Czech and international musicians usually take place at the Reduta Jazz Club.


Prague German - Language Theatre Festival ( Visit Site )

Theatre performances are presented by artists from Germany and Austria.


Christmas and New Year

This is when Prague attracts most of its tourists. Many enjoy discovering the beautiful city's history whilst it is covered in snow. Parties and celebrations go on throughout Christmas until the New Year. A Christmas market is held in the Old Town Square. Also, the International Festival of Advent and Christmas Music is held during this period.

The Bohuslav Martinu Days in Prague ( Visit Site )

Since 1995, this classical music festival is held in Prague. The main attraction is the musical performances by famous Czech composers. provides all the latest news and information on prague. Prague Flights, Prague Hotels, Prague Car Rental, Prague Holidays, Prague Cruises, Prague Attractions, Prague Map, Prague News and more on Prague, Czech Republic.