Go Karting in Prague

Go zip, zap, zoom into the world of Go Karting racing by enrolling yourself at the nearest indoor racing circuit in Prague. The capital city of Czech republic boasts of four go-kart centres that offer maximum motorsport thrills along with food and refreshments to rejuvenate you later.

Tour companies make regular trips to Kart Centrum Radotin said to feature the longest kart track in Europe. The length of the track is 910 meters which is divided into 710m half track for adults with remaining 200 for children. With more than 30 various bends, curves and straights, the go kart car can reach a rocket speed of as much as 40kmph! The naturally lighted glasshouse, where the go kart complex is located, is heated in winter and air-conditioned in summer.

All estimated dangers are eliminated by taking safety precautions such as crash barrier system and mandatory helmet use.

Advance booking is essential as space is limited. Tourists can book their desired go karting tour on Prague activities.

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One thought on “Go Karting in Prague”

  1. I am extremely ietsreetnd in this karting series, for a long time scince i was 7 (i am now 18) i have continued to improve in kart racing at the north devon karting track and have gotten to the stage where i am often winning against the guys who work there and know the course inch for inch, as many have stated it would be good idea to introduce this as a kit form, as some have also mentioned it gives a scence of pride after you have built your kart and take it for a spin for the first time, as well as the fact that if your into racing you must like getting your hands dirty and a kit would do just that. keep us all informed i look forward to seeing updates in the future.Thanks, Chris Brewster

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