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Welcome to Prague Cruises. Getting to know the Czech capital on a Prague cruise is a completely different experience. It is common to visit the historical monuments by taking a guided walking tour on the cobbled pathways of the historic centre. However, the historical monuments present a completely different side and perspective of themselves when viewed from the deck of a cruise boat. Away from the hustle and bustle of Prague Centrum, you will instantaneously be swaying on the soft waves of the Vltava River visiting landmarks and riverbanks that are quiet and romantic.

Dinner Cruise:
Prague Dinner Cruises depart in the evening and last for about 3-4 hours. This includes 2 hours on the boat plus a guided tour of the historic centre. A well-versed guide on the boat provides information on the various monuments in Prague that are now lit up looking gorgeous in the gleaming moonlight. The Prague cruise trip includes buffet dinner and operates only during the summer season. There are also a few other cruises to Prague arranged during the night that include a tour of the historic centre of Prague on a sightseeing bus with a commentary from a guide who is knowledgeable in various languages. Then you will be taken aboard on the boat from where you will experience an extremely beautiful, romantic view of Prague by the night.

Lunch Cruise:
As the name suggests, Prague Lunch cruises depart in early afternoon with lunch provided on the boat. These Prague cruises last for about two hours where the guide commentator details guests on the various historical attractions as they pass by the cruise boat. Guests get to visit quite a few landmarks during their cruises to Prague and click pictures of the beautiful Vyšehrad Castle for instance.

One Hour Special Cruise:
This Prague cruise is especially for tourists who have very little time on hand and want to explore the city in its full splendour. Such cruises visit Prague’s important historical attractions on the banks of the Vltava River with a guide for company who gives details on the history of these attractions in several languages.

Jazz Cruise:
A late-night cruise, jazz performers are the speciality of these boats as operators arrange for live entertainment especially for their guests. Guests can swing to the musical moves of jazz music as they adore Prague attractions that have achieved their true beauty under the shining moonlight. It’s just a matter of getting to know the attractions like Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, Mala Strana, the National Theatre and Vysehrad Fortress in a relaxing environment.

To explore the capital of the Czech Republic on a Prague cruise boat, you first need to book a Prague Hotel and cheap flights to Prague.