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Thumbnail for Alchemist’s Guide to Prague

Alchemist’s Guide to Prague

June 19, 2019
Prague has a rich, dark history with several legends and stories building a sense of mystery and magic around the city. The capital of alchemy in the 16th century, the birthplace of Golem and the Devil’s Bible (Codex Gigas), this antique city is greatly influenced by its Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque era roots, with a slew of grand monuments housing churches, opera houses and vibrant town squares.
Thumbnail for Prague’s Fun Summer Activities to Try Out

Prague’s Fun Summer Activities to Try Out

June 10, 2019
As a land-locked city in the Czech Republic, Prague is certainly a must-visit European destination for international travellers. While winter is a popular season for tourists, the mild summer conditions also make it appealing for travellers who don’t like the snow. Here’s our list of top summer activities to try out with your friends and family as you go about exploring the city’s attractions and landmarks.
Thumbnail for Delicious Arabic Food Venues to Visit in Prague

Delicious Arabic Food Venues to Visit in Prague

May 30, 2019
Prague is a wonder to behold especially if you love historic tourist attractions, friendly locals and scenic natural beauty all over the city. While traditional cuisine is something you will love, then visit some amazing restaurants that offer Arabic cuisine that you might not want to miss! After all, why should you go to the Middle East when you can simply visit Prague?
Thumbnail for Head over to Theresienstadt near Prague

Head over to Theresienstadt near Prague

May 21, 2019
The landlocked city of Prague is a very interesting place to visit among all the tourist destinations in Europe. While this Czech capital has plenty of sightseeing places and landmarks that you can explore, none of them beats the historic significance than the Theresienstadt near Prague. Read more on this landmark site and the tragic history which has made it known all over the world.

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