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Top Reasons to Visit Prague in Spring

January 16, 2023
Prague is a magical vacation destination. If you are looking for a relaxed vacation, spring is just the right time to be in the city. What's more? The charming city offers incredible things to do, which can help rejuvenate the body and soul. Here are the top reasons to head to the city in the spring, i.e. from March to May. Spring in Prague is a time of warming. In March daytime average temperature reaches 8°C (46°F), it increases slowly, and in April, it reaches 12°C (53°F) and finally, it reaches 18°C (64°F) in May.
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Memorable New Year Eve's Activities in Prague

December 29, 2022
What's the best way to welcome the New Year? We've got you covered with our wonderful guide containing essential activities to try when staying in the capital city of the Czech Republic. You don't need to plan a date or spend time with friends because many of these activities can also be enjoyed with children. Take time to enjoy yourself with your whole family as you usher in a memorable year ahead! Have fun!
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Simple Tips for Travelling on a Budget to Prague

December 09, 2022
Planning for or even sticking to a budget can be challenging when visiting a beautiful city like Prague. Prague offers plenty of restaurants to visit, souvenirs to shop and even luxury tours to try out! While all these things sound interesting, you won’t be happy when you get home and see the hole in your wallet. We’re making sure this doesn’t happen to you, but mentioning some simple to keep your budget on track when exploring Prague.
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Dine at Prague’s Romantic Restaurants

November 30, 2022
Are you looking to dig up some romance for a holiday? Nothing is more special than breaking the calendar routine and planning a night around town in style! Wear your best and head to enjoy the Prague nightlife at the city’s most romantic restaurants. Drink, dance, eat on a dinner cruise and and spend the evening with the person you love the most. Cheers!

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