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Thumbnail for Interesting Activities to Try out in Prague during the Pandemic

Interesting Activities to Try out in Prague during the Pandemic

October 19, 2020
Are you feeling anxious and frustrated with the lockdown measures that are happening because of the pandemic? Prague is facing a fresh wave of COVID-19, and while staying safe and indoors may be the wisest choice, it doesn’t have to be the most boring one. We have compiled a list of our favourite activities to try out while staying healthy and having fun! Let us know which one do you follow the most!
Thumbnail for Learn about Prague's Museum of Communism

Learn about Prague's Museum of Communism

October 09, 2020
The capital city of the Czech Republic isn’t just a place that is known for the European architecture or scenic tourist attractions. Prague is also known for the culture and the diversity of the locals along with the deep-rooted history of the nation. If you are bored visiting cafes or taking long drives to stay outdoors, visit Prague’s Museum of Communism for some amazing educational insight! The Museum of Communism is a popular attraction for visitors as well as locals who want to learn a little bit more about the history of Prague and the Czech Republic. As the name suggests, the museum is dedicated to the post-World War II communist regime of Prague specifically, but also of Czechoslovakia. It shows life during the oppressive regime, allowing visitors to reflect on the past.
Thumbnail for Best Takeaway Restaurants in Prague

Best Takeaway Restaurants in Prague

September 21, 2020
The Prague food-scene is brilliant. If you're planning to take a break from cooking, or just want to order something from your favourite city hangout, here are some of the best places worth checking out. The best part - you can enjoy touchless delivery and gourmet food from the comfort of your home.
Thumbnail for Top 4 Prague Casinos to Visit

Top 4 Prague Casinos to Visit

August 19, 2020
While Prague might have instituted efforts recently aimed at curbing the number of casinos located within the city limits, there are still some great options available to residents and visitors alike. You will find casinos that offer table games, a variety of slots, and plenty of sports betting options. If you are looking for a place to wager some money in Prague, the bottom line is that you have options. You just have to know where to look for the casino operations that are well-established and come with a stellar reputation. Here are the four top casinos in Prague that should have you headed in the right direction.

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