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Thumbnail for Signature Cocktail Bars of Prague

Signature Cocktail Bars of Prague

July 11, 2019
With the highest per capita annual consumption, the Czech Republic is rightly called the country of beer lovers. However, in just half a decade Prague has developed a robust cocktail bar scene.
Thumbnail for Prague Casinos that are Still Alive and Kicking!

Prague Casinos that are Still Alive and Kicking!

July 05, 2019
Prague City Council passed pertinent laws couple of years ago to significantly reduce the extent of gambling in the city. In the light of this, many people visiting Prague have been inquiring about the places to visit, sports betting shops and even the VIP Casinos housed inside various top hotels of the popular tourist destination.
Thumbnail for The Franz Kafka Experience in Prague

The Franz Kafka Experience in Prague

June 27, 2019
Meet an author unknown to many but one who has changed the way we explore themes of alienation, existential anxiety and the absurd, forever. Even though he is studied extensively now, he was a private man till the end who published very little during his lifetime. Such is the legacy of Franz Kafka; rising to fame from beyond the grave.
Thumbnail for Alchemist’s Guide to Prague

Alchemist’s Guide to Prague

June 19, 2019
Prague has a rich, dark history with several legends and stories building a sense of mystery and magic around the city. The capital of alchemy in the 16th century, the birthplace of Golem and the Devil’s Bible (Codex Gigas), this antique city is greatly influenced by its Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque era roots, with a slew of grand monuments housing churches, opera houses and vibrant town squares.

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