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Is Prague a Good Place for Digital Nomads?

working on a laptop
Credit: Pixabay

Location-independent living - it is a fancy term used by many sources in relation to the young and well-prepared professionals who, instead of being hired by a company to work for eight-plus hours a day in a cubicle, decide to do their thing from wherever they are. And "wherever they are" is an intentionally vague term here, because - as the fancy term so well points out - they-are location-independent. The common term used for them is "digital nomad" - and this is a surprisingly descriptive term as well. Usually, these young professionals don't spend too much time in the same place - when they get bored of it or the occasion emerges, they pack their (lightweight) belongings in their backpacks, book a flight, and move on to another location. Some of them work as professional photographers, others, as software developers, designers, freelance writers, and such. And many of them share their experiences and budget-friendly travel tips on their blogs.

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