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New Year's Eve in Prague

New Year's Eve in Prague
Credit: Creative Commons / The Rambling Man
Prague is a pleasure to visit at any time of the year. There are always so many things to do and explore in the city in any season. However, celebrating New Year's Eve in Prague is a different experience altogether. The weather is cold with temperatures falling below freezing. The promise and possibilities of the holidays hover over the city. The magic of the city seems even more pronounced on this day as it engages in feasts, celebration and dazzling fireworks.
The whole city is rife with an atmosphere of anticipation on New Year's Eve. Restaurants, bars, clubs, river boats are filled with people. There are many options in Prague to celebrate New Year's Eve according to taste. Some prefer a romantic dinner under a starlit sky as the boat floats along the Vlatava river. For others, it's a night to party wild at the various nightclubs in the city with dancing and drinks.

As midnight approaches, crowds gather along the Vlatava River to watch a dazzling display of fireworks. This vivid display of light can be seen from Petrin Hill, Charles Bridge, and Prague Castle, all of which overlook the river.People gather on the streets, on terraces, balconies of riverside restaurants to enjoy the play of light against the vivid backdrop of Charles Bridge, Old Town, and the Prague Castle.

You can also head to the Old Town Square for admiring the fireworks. However, it can get a little wild after the stroke of midnight as Czechs set off hand held fireworks in the crowd!

So whether you are thirsting for a wild party or a romantic dinner this New Year's Eve, you shouldvisit Prague.

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