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Helping the Prague Community Amid Covid-19

distance learning
Credit: Pixabay

Amid the Covid-19 crisis, it feels great to find ways to be a harbinger of hope and help the community. Here are some exciting ways of how you can help your local community in Prague. The good part is most of these ways won't even cost you money.

Help Children Read and Learn

Volunteer to help out with distance learning, which is the best opportunity for children to learn during this pandemic. With digital technology, it is easy to contribute toward the cause and address the immediate need of quality education for children in need.

Check on Friends and Neighbours

For the elderly neighbours, checking on them or helping them with their grocery deliveries can be a great help. Discover neighbours who need help or even friends who may need some emotional support. A video chat, call or message can help to connect with them and it's fun to catch up too.

Video chat
Credit: Pexels

Spread Good News and Cheer

With a lot of news circulating on social media on the death tolls and the economic downturn, it can help to share a little kindness and good news. Kind messages, notes, positive quotes, complimenting others, there are so many ways of brightening someone else's day. It is refreshing to bring in some cheer and joy to everyone around.

Dine Inside

It's a small thing that you can do, staying at home and dining inside. It can help to order food from local restaurants in Prague and support them. Make sure that the delivery is contactless to protect from potential transmission.

Help Set Up Technology

Technology has been playing a critical role in connecting to each other. It can help to ease the loneliness of being stuck at home to avoid transmission. For those who aren't technologically savvy, you can help to set up technologies for them including setting up smartphone and tablet apps or walk-through how-to video chat. Offering help to neighbours, friends or relatives who are struggling with setting up technology can benefit them immensely.

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