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Experience Prague's Quirky Gems Off the Beaten Path

Prague at night
Credit: Pixabay/kryzoxstv

Embark on a journey to the dream city of Prague. With its mesmerising charm and vibrance, the captivating city creates an unforgettable experience for every traveller. Get ready to add some of the most quirkiest and unusual things to do in Prague during your next vacation.

Sample flavoured absinthe

While it feels great to taste local foods and drinks, visit an absinthe bar in Prague to sample the beverage. What is absinthe? It's a high-alcohol drink that's made from a variety of herbs. There's anise and fennel, added to the liquorice flavour. A tip to newbies: the beverage could taste bitter, and you do not drink the absinthe straight. There are plenty of bars to scour, have fun sampling the beverage!

Enjoy the infinite wormhole of books

You don't need to be a book lover to head to the hidden gem in the heart of the city. The endless tower of books - the infinity book tower can be found at the entrance of the Municipal Libary. The tower is made from books and having mirrors at the top and bottom creates an amazing infinity effect. Take time to experience the illusion of infinity, and keep your cameras handy for some Insta-worthy shots.

Beer spa experience

Imagine soaking yourself head to toe in Czech beer extract! Does it sound like a fun experience? The beer baths have positive body and skincare benefits, so plan to add a beer spa to your must-try list in Prague.

Book a Ghost tour

How about visiting an underground dungeon and checking out some spooky secrets? If this excites you, book a Ghost walking tour, where you can check out the dark lanes of the Prague Old Town. Guests can check out an underground medieval dungeon with torture instruments, and hear grisly legends and facts.

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