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How To Watch Netflix From Home When Abroad (With A VPN)

Credit: Pixabay

Did you know that Netflix is the globes' movie streaming provider? It gives incredible selections of any genre of film you would wish to watch including cartoons, series, and documentaries. The beauty of Netflix is that it has servers worldwide increasing internet traffic. The service is only concentrated in a few countries and each server features distinctive content designed to fit the specific region.

Possibly you are in a geographical location where you are unable to access Netflix. Well, do be worried as your answer is right under your nose, the VPN. When you have a VPN you easily reconfigure your set IP address and you set it to the country from which you wish to access Netflix, according to VPNetic, these VPNs are 100% working for Netflix.

How VPNs work with Netflix

  1. Users from different geographical locations watch substantially different content and through VPNs people watch that is location sensitive. When you change your IP address your location changes as well as the location you are surfing from. Some of the VPNs used include; Express VPN, Nord VPN, Surf shark, and Cyber Ghost.

Ways to change the IP address

There are three ways to change an IP address

  1. Using proxies: it is a special technology where it routes traffic via specialized computers or servers from the internet.
  2. Using tor: you can hide your actual address by setting up the Tor browser and it works in a way in which one cannot choose the country or location where traffic routes.
  3. Using VPN: it is the most convenient and reliable method available to hide a person's actual location. It is cheap, secure, and user-friendly offering quick and fast services within a few clicks.

How to unblock Netflix issues

VPNs are simplified, legal, and are efficient in delivering IP address services. There are different steps of unlocking Netflix.

  1. Register with a reliable VPN service: this is the first step to start the procedure and subscribe to the appropriate VPN.
  • Choose the server which functioning appropriately and offers high speeds when streaming.
  • The service chosen should support streaming within any location
  • Reliable, stable, and powerful protocols need to be encompassed on electronic devices either computers or phones.
  1. Set up the VPN app

Download the VPN app on any device that you wish to use on your radar. You can connect as many devices to the VPN and run them simultaneously. After signing in and setting up you will receive an email link with a password and username which is used to activate the VPN.

  1. Connect to the country of your preference

VPNs have advanced features allowing for the masking of IP addresses from any location and you can surf at your own convenience.

For a normal registration of Netflix you need to:

  • Log in to the Netflix website
  • Sign in
  • Enter a valid email
  • Activate the 30-days trial period

After the procedure, you can now connect to the selected VPN and start enjoying streaming life.

In conclusion, when you are in a different country you can enjoy Netflix streaming services by connecting your device to a reliable VPN. VPNs change your IP address and the location you are surfing from.

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