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Memorable New Year Eve's Activities in Prague

Prague river cruise
Prague river cruise. Credit: Pixabay/Rudy and Peter Skitterians

What's the best way to welcome the New Year? We've got you covered with our wonderful guide containing essential activities to try when staying in the capital city of the Czech Republic. You don't need to plan a date or spend time with friends because many of these activities can also be enjoyed with children. Take time to enjoy yourself with your whole family as you usher in a memorable year ahead! Have fun!

A River Cruise with a View

Watching the fireworks displays from the city centre, your balcony, or the local gardens is a thing of the past. If you truly want to enter the New Year in style, then head over to book a cruise for the celebration. Enjoy a private affair or stick to your budget and join other locals catching the evening river cruise for the best seat possible!

Eat, enjoy & eat more

What's better than New Year's eve to ditch the diet and eat all you can before the fitness goal for the next year begins? All you need is to find the best spots in Prague to binge at or stick to smaller meals at small dining spots throughout the day. It's time to let loose and live a little! Eat up!

Get Traditional!

Everyone loves a little good luck, but what if we told you there was a way to predict your future for the year ahead? If you're traditional, then you know how important it is for the locals cut an apple and get a glimpse of the future through the shape of the apple's core! You can serve up a lentil dish for success. It's all fun and games, so don't take anything to heart. Have fun!

Shimmy to the Tunes

Credit: Axville on Unsplash

It's time to bust out those dance moves that you've been hiding for a while. No one cares whether you're a pro or not, but what matters is jumping in on the celebrations with your loved ones around you. It's never too late to just enjoy yourself!

A Toast to Celebrate

Pop the champagne and get the party going as you usher in a New Year full of fun, excitement and hope! Prepare or order cocktails and mocktails of your choice, or sip on some coffee if that's your jam. The more you enjoy the celebrations, the more fun you'll have with those around you. Cheers to a Happy New Year!


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