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Unveiling Adventures Around Prague's Riverscapes

Credit: Unsplash

Do you want to experience adventures around the riverscapes of Prague? Great! Then this is just for you. Guests can look forward to a truly memorable time with the thrills of action-packed things to do around the Vltava River. Choose an adrenaline to your liking. We've rounded up some cool adventures around Prague's riverscapes for you.

Vltava River sightseeing and evening cruises

Prague's Vltava River lined with looming statues and souvenir sellers is a place that's worth exploring. There are plenty of things to do, and one of them is to get onto the water for a relaxing river cruise. Book the cruise of your choice to admire Charles Bridge, Kampa Island, and Prague Castle, and immerse yourself in the panoramic views of the city. For sunset lovers, book an evening cruise to enjoy the mesmerising sunset and fest from a romantic, buffet-style dinner in the backdrop of amazing scenery.

Rafting, cruising, and kayaking around Ceský Krumlov

Cesky Krumlov. Credit: Elsemargriet/Pixabay

Plan a day trip and head to the designated UNESCO World Historic Site to the mind-bogglingly attractive town of Český Krumlov. It takes around a 2-hour drive from the city to reach the spot, where one can enjoy river rafting and tubing. It is easy to rent a boat and the gear and enjoy the adventure. It's a fun activity with the rapids, where adventure lovers can soak in the atmosphere of the river and unique views of the city. 

Indulge in water sports

For some high-octane water sports action, adventure lovers will find plenty of options around the stretch of the Vltava between Český Krumlov and Zlatá Koruna. Don't miss out on the amazing kayaking experiences. Plus, it's an excellent opportunity to explore the sightseeing options and enjoy the beauty of the town.

Exploring the Vlatava River via trams

How about taking a tram ride to explore the views of the river? If this excites you, take the best tram route, running north from the Modrany district of south Prague and passing all the sights along the way to Holesovice. Guests can enjoy the river views and the stunning scenery.

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