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Uncovering Prague's Sushi Gems: Top Picks for Sushi Enthusiasts


Sushi is a versatile delicacy, and if you're craving it in Prague and are a sushi fan, this one's for you. Here are some of our top picks where you can savour sushi and soak in the lively atmosphere of some of the top sushi restaurants in Prague.

While in Prague, don't miss the chance to explore the nearby attractions on a day trip. Be sure to visit one of these restaurants to enjoy authentic Japanese cuisine.

Yami Sushi House Prague

Sushi enthusiasts will love the highly fresh and delicious Japanese dishes at Yami Sushi House Prague. Patrons can sit at a sushi bar and watch sushi chefs prepare the meal right in front of them. The relaxing ambience, friendly staff, and innovative food combinations make the restaurant a must-visit.

Hanabi Sushi House

Sushi and sake, if this sounds like an exciting combination, head to Hanabi Sushi House. Patrons can relish the best sushi in Prague at the restaurant. There's something for every sushi lover, from sushi sets to sashimi, temaki, and more. Don't forget there's traditional sake and Japanese beer!


Embark on a gastronomic adventure at Miyabi. The tasty menu, including sushi delights, can entice all patrons. The creative Japanese dishes and mouth-watering sushi rolls in the backdrop of elegant interiors make the restaurant a must-visit. Get ready to experience the authentic food and delectable menu at Miyabi.

The Sushi Bar

Credit: Pxhere

Foodies will love the Sushi Bar for its highest-quality food and delectable menu options. Whether one is craving sushi or seafood, including oysters and grilled fish in Japanese style, you'll find it all. What's more - guests can enjoy quality wines and first-class service.


Yet another great restaurant where one can enjoy appealing dishes made from fresh ingredients and high-quality materials is Hanil. Guests can relish modern-style sushi rolls, fresh raw fish on rice, and more. The simplicity and yet sophisticated culinary touch is something that makes the restaurant a must-visit spot.

The city has some cool restaurants that can satiate your sushi cravings.

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