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Prague Weather

Credits:Public Domain/kytka

Prague, a tourist paradise, enjoys a continental climate with hot summers and cold winters. It is, influenced by stiff weather patterns from the East (Siberia) and west (Atlantic). Travellers like to visit the city between May and September when the temperature is not too hot as well not too cold. In summer, the maximum temperature doesn’t reach more than 35°C as well it doesn’t drop less than -15°C in cold.

The city experiences four seasons such as spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Spring is mild with blooming flowers and blossoms. Summer is led by warm weather, greenery, and light showers. Autumn is cool, cloudy and foggy. However, winter is extremely cold as well receives occasional snowfall.

No doubt that the city appears very beautiful on bright summer days when the weather is at the peak and offers lucrative and attractive atmosphere to live in. Some tourists visit Prague in winter when it is totally covered with the blanket of snows. Well, it’s quite clear that visiting the city in any month is exceptionally interesting. Another reason is that you come across thousands of facets and facts of the city. Prague looks gorgeous and marvelous whatever season you plan to visit the city.

Offseason: Plan Prague holidays from January to March if you can adjust yourself in cold weather. One big advantage is that you might get reasonable discounts as well good deals on airfare, hotels and other facilities. Many tourists also visit Prague in the month of  November before the city gets colder and the snow begins to fall.

Clothes & Packing: Prague has unpredictable weather, therefore, it is advisable to pack suitable clothes whatever seasons you plan to visit the city. Summer months receive maximum rainfall so you should always carry raincoat and umbrella. Don’t wear heavy clothes because you may have to bear heat and humidity. It is better if you wear sleeveless clothes and shorts. In winter, you should not forget to carry sweaters, long sleeve shirts, and heavy jackets. Always wear comfortable shoes because you will have to walk a lot to visit many tourist spots.

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