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One World Film Festival 2012

'One World Film Festival' is an international human rights documentary film festival organised by People in Need Foundation. It takes place in more than 40 towns from all over the world as it has attracted the attention of social workers and human rights activists from different parts of the world.

This year the festival celebrates its 14th anniversary in Prague from 06 March 2012 - 15 March 2012, by showcasing many thought to provoke documentaries, short films that revolve around a subject 'Human Rights'. The festival has proved to be a strong platform with a rich program for film professionals of 'IDF' the Institute of Documentary Film.

Attention grabbing graphic presentations and promotions of this year's festival are everywhere now - the web, social networking sites, city-lights, and of course, in cinemas. The motive for this year's festival is based on 'Sprays and Colours'.

The festival will be celebrated at Lucerna Cinema and some other small cinemas in Prague. Tickets for the films that will be featured in Prague will be available in advance from March 01, 2012. There is no central ticketing system. You can buy the tickets only for screenings at the same cinema.

Board any of the Prague flights to be a part of this outstanding festival!

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