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Sportsmen in the Czech Lands Exhibition

Sportsmen in the Czech Lands
Sportsmen in the Czech Lands

Today, the definition of sportsmen encompasses many meanings - from a person who is engaged in sports for the love of it (amateurs) to those who do sport for profit (professionals). But how was sports in the Czech lands before sports emerged as a professional medium to win money? This and more will be the topic of the "Sportsmen in the Czech Lands" exhibition to be held in Prague as a part of the Monarchy exhibition series.

The exhibition will put forth many interesting events and artefacts regarding the origin of sports which are displayed at the Collection of Physical Education and Sport of the National Museum. Visitors shall be introduced to the first league of sportsmen (athletes) from the Czech lands, the origin of sports and various ancient sports played during olden times through various exhibits, photographs of sport games, sports prizes, portraits of sportsmen and sports equipment. Some of the interesting sports that are about to be displayed are hiking, cycling, skating, tennis and athletics. Notable exhibits are the first Olympic bronze medal won by the fencer Vilém Goppold, wrestling belt belonging to wrestling champion Joseph Šmejkal, first cycling maps and first skis.

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