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Must Do Activities

Check out these activities in Prague!

Prague activities include classical concerts, opera and ballet performances at several venues across Prague. Classical performances occur at the Smetana Concert Hall inside the spacious Municipal House, or the D’Vorak Concert hall by the river. Formerly, this facility was the seat of State Parliament.
Other Prague activities include walking tours of pubs, beer hall and a micro-brewery. One such tour serves informative history and culture within Prague and a dish like zesty pork chili during the evening tour. The city also has several ethnic restaurants, cafes, and a variety of shops are available to consumers.

Further, Prague attractions rounding out a visit to Prague include the Vltava River cruise, Saint Vitus Cathedral a host of museums and the National Gallery. The National Gallery is the largest collection of domestic and international art objects. Saint Vitus Cathedral is the largest temple in Prague noted for religious services and historically, setting for the coronation of Czech kings and queens, respectively.
Note, In addition to bus tours, one may book tours by air via balloon or helicopter.

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