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Celebrate Easter week in Prague

Easter is a popular Christian festive occasion. Every Christian enjoys his heart out celebrating this majestic Easter week.
Easter symbolizes the end of winter and the start of the spring season. The streets are decorated with flowers, balloons, and ribbons. There are several stalls selling flowers and other stuff. Everybody greets each other with sweets and gifts. Easter market has various interesting stuff to offer to the children also.

Easter in Prague is also known for its food, especially, Lamb sponge cake along with chocolate, Sweet buns, Gingerbread, cookies, sweet rolls made up of honey, vegetable soups, etc. These stuff are extremely lip-smacking and delicious.

Easter preparations begin on Ugly Wednesday when the children finish their school and carry wooden rattles, which is a technique used to scare the Judas. They walk across the streets carrying these rattles on Good Friday and White Saturday as well.
Easter Eggs...
Easter Thursday is also known as Green Thursday which requires everybody to eat vegetables on that particular day.

Easter Sunday is the day when girls and ladies of the house are busy painting eggs. This requires immense zeal and skill. They decorate the eggs with intricate and beautiful designs using water colours, straws, feathers, etc.  These eggs are then sold in the market or used at hope for decorational purposes.
Easter Monday is the day when men and boys have a small tour across the city lanes. Small boys recite carols during this walk. They enter every house and whip the legs of the girls of the house, to wipe off the illness and bad happenings. As a kind gesture, the lady offers the guy a decorated egg and ties a ribbon across his whip. At the end of the day when boys finish the city tour, they collect loads of eggs and ribbons.

Visit Prague and enjoy these grand Easter celebrations.

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