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Taste Delicious Easter Food in Prague

Easter food
Hot Cross Buns Credit: Pixabay

Easter celebration in Prague is highly influenced by the Christian traditions and so is the food which is made on this occasion. This festival marks the rebirth of Jesus Christ and thus is one of the most eminent festivals.

Easter dishes in Prague are prepared in a special way and the Easter feast is mostly linked with the symbol of a lamb. People make various dishes from meat, yeast dough, batter or sponge to resemble a ‘lamb’. The Easter eggs and pastries have a special place in every meal made during this festival. An egg is a symbol of new life and rebirth, and thus, it is used as an ingredient in several dishes. Easter eggs are also gifted to friends and family on this occasion.

In Prague, they prepare a special Easter cake (known as Cross-Bun), which is the oldest documented Easter pastry. It is prepared in the shape of the lamb.

Other than the Easter cakes, a dish called “Judases” is very popular in Prague. It is also prepared with yeast dough and is made in a shape of braids and spirals. This dish is a symbol of the rope with which Judas used to kill himself after betraying Christ.

There are a number of other meat dishes too specially prepared during Easter week. The popular one is mincemeat cooked with eggs, pastry or with various stuffing or mixtures.

Visit Prague on the occasion of this holy festival to experience the celebration and to taste some authentic European flavours.

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