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How to Explore Prague

Prague bus
Credit: Kevin.B / CC BY-SA 3.0

The beautiful and vibrant city of Prague (Praha in Czech), inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage list has the most reliable transportation system in Europe. Getting around in Prague is easy, cheap and fast. Prague’s local transport connects to all parts of the city, and the best way to travel is to ply the metros, trams and buses.

Take the metros for long distances, which mostly run underground and have around 61 stations. Running from 5.00am to midnight, all stations are well-equipped and most of the stations are disabled-access friendly.

You can buy tickets from kiosks (marked with ‘jizdenky’), metro stations, newspaper stands, DPP information offices, or via text message (SMS). Use these tickets for all types of transport including any transfers between them. The fares are halved for children between 6-and-15 years and are free for children below 6 years.

For shorter distances take the trams which run from 5.00am to 12:30am. Tram connects to various parts of Prague as well as the nearby places.

The buses are used more in parts of Žižkov and the airport, and usually, run from 4:30am to 12:30am.

Taxis in Prague are relatively expensive. When hiring a taxi, look out for a yellow roof lamp permanently installed and ‘TAXI’ imprinted in black letters. The front doors would have the driver’s name, license number, and the rates. The metre starts at 40kc and increases by 28kc per km. It is best to book a taxi from reliable sources. Another option is to rent a car in Prague from reliable sources and experience the pleasure of driving.

You can also explore Prague on foot, and experience the city's attractions.

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