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Getting Around in Prague

Prague Tram
Credit: PD Photo
Prague is a beautiful, fairytale-like city, fringed with picturesque streets and absorbing architecture. As you reach close to the historic city centre, you’ll soon realise it is often closed to vehicles.
Historical sights of the city are best viewed on foot or on an electric tram or metro ride. Look for the schedules of various bus and tram lines at their respective stops. But the best way is to walk and get the most wonderful experience from UNESCO protected sites such as Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square. Don’t be surprised if the cobbled lanes, beautiful architecture and fascinating history leave you spellbound!
Besides the main attractions in the city, some of Prague’s hidden gems are located far away and need some kind of public transportation or private car to reach there. Fortunately, public transportation in Prague is efficient and safe for tourists. In fact, Prague boasts of having the most exceptional transport systems in Europe.

Trams, Metros & Buses

The metro in Prague runs along three subway lines from early morning until midnight. The schedule of the metro, bus and trams are synchronized so that commuters can reach their destination on time without the need to stop, wait or miss. Tourists can buy tickets for buses, trams and metros at ticket machines, from bus drivers, tobacco shops, convenience stores, conductors of EC/IC trains and Prague Public Transit Offices. The public transport in Prague is wheelchair friendly making it convenient for the disabled and elderly to board the vehicle.

Taxis in prominent tourist cities like Prague is a little pricey. But if you still want to hire a taxi, it is best to book it from the hotel.

Car Rental

There are many reputed cars hire companies in Prague, where tourists can inquire about a four-wheeler of their choice. Renting a car in Prague gives you the freedom to explore it at your own convenience and pace. Moreover, tourists have a say in the choice of car, budget limit, a requirement of a chauffeur, etc. which they wouldn’t otherwise have in public transportation.


Cruising on the Vltava River proffers you the chance to admire the beauty of Prague. Cruising companies regularly arrange trips for couples, groups etc. They can enjoy live music and superb gastronomic delights.

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