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Discover the Hidden Jewels of Prague

Jerusalem Synagogue
Jerusalem Synagogue. Credit: Flickr / Antoine 49

Prague is an enchanting holiday destination, where you will love meandering around the cobbled streets and enjoy the romantic riverside views. If you wish to soak up the cultural ambience of Prague, then you must check out the city's hidden jewels. We've rounded up some intriguing spots for you.


Ungelt is one of the most significant historical sites in Prague located near the Prague Old Town Square. It was built in the 11th century and was popular as a merchant's yard where ungelt (customs duties) were collected. You will love the architectural styles of the houses in this complex, and you can look out for the Granovský Palace, one of the best Renaissance treasures in the city.

Ungelt (Týn Courtyard)
Ungelt (Týn Courtyard). Credit: Christian Bredfeldt

Jerusalem Synagogue

The Jerusalem Synagogue designed by Viennese architect Wilhelm Stiassny in 1903 is a fascinating blend of Art Nouveau and Moorish styles and is a must-visit. You can admire the main facade which has a large Islamic arch and a rosette window with the 'Star of David'. 

Fanta´s Art Nouveau Café

The Fanta's cafe at Prague's central railroad station has sculptural motifs with European art nouveau style. The café got a major facelift to give the visitors a glimpse of Czech architecture.

Fanta's Cafe
Fanta's Cafe. Credit: Flickr / insidious and subtle M

Wenceslas Square (Vaclavske Namesti)

The Wenceslas Square is a popular historical focal point where visitors can immerse themselves is magnificent art nouveau buildings. This is also a great spot to enjoy a quick bite.

Wenceslas Square
Wenceslas Square. Credit: Flickr / Miroslav Petrasko

Franciscan Garden (Františkánská zahrada)

You will love the captivating Franciscan Garden where you can enjoy interesting sculptures, fountains, and charming fruit trees. You can choose to relax on the benches in the backdrop of fragrant rose bushes.

Franciscan Garden
Franciscan Garden. Credit: Flickr / Tjflex2

So, are you excited to discover these Prague’s hidden jewels? Then, we highly recommend you choose this Prague tour where you can explore the city’s hidden gems.

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