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Prague- a Jewel in the Crown of Europe

Panoramic Prague
In 200 BC, the city was ideally established by the Celts. After the fall of communism, Prague grew up as a significant tourist destination in the world. Prague, a Jewel in the Crown, is one of the most famous cities of the Central Europe.

It is a well-known tourist destination with various sightseeing and attractions. With rich culture and historic importance, the city has many things to share with the visitors.

In recent times, up to 866 hectares of land has been listed on the UNESCO World Culture and Natural Heritage Register. Most of them include the churches, architectures, and buildings. One should not forget to visit three famous places if planning to visit Prague in upcoming months.

Charles Bridge
Creative Commons/Frank Spakowski

Charles Bridge: One of the most famous attractions visited by numerous tourists all around the world. It is a very popular place because of its central location, which connects to other major spots such as the Old Town, the Lesser Town, and the Prague Castle. It offers a romantic view along with riverside attractions. During daytime, the Bridge has crowed with street artists, musicians, and Jazz bands. Nobody feels boring and aloof in the colourful vibes of the Charles Bridge.

Prague Castle
Creative Commons/Stefan Bauer

Prague Castle: A must visit place in Prague, particularly belonged to the ancient seat of Czech King. It is one of the biggest castle complexes in Europe. The huge complex comprises a monastery, the supreme St. Vitus Cathedral, museums and art galleries, viewing towers, a church, and palaces.

Old Town Square: It is a perfect place if you want to revive lifestyle of the ancient Europeans. It is one of the most famous historical places in Europe with magnificent churches and ancient buildings constructed back in the late 12th century.

The city offers colourful nightlife, comfortable accommodations, many restaurants and bars. Staying in the city is always pleasurable as you can enjoy Czech food with traditional as well as modern touch. Time to time classical concerts and operas keep on adding spices in the holidays. The city experiences a continental climate deeply influenced by the wind coming from Siberia to the east and Atlantic to the west.

In the spring season, one can plan a trip to the city when the weather is not too hot and cold. Visiting the city particularly in autumn season is always a right choice. You can experience endurable weather with green trees, beautiful blossoms, and spectacular views.

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Yup, i agree with this aritcle, Praha is really very nice place.. its my favourite tourist spot..

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