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Must Do Activities

5 Fun Things to do in Prague

Credit: Pixabay

A city with a dark past, Prague is one of the best cities to visit in Europe, there are fun things to do or see around every street and corner; there isn’t a bad time to visit Prague. Here are just a few of the things you can do in this grand old city:

Visit the Prague Castle

One of the largest ancient castles in the world, this beautiful UNESCO World Heritage site features three courtyards and numerous buildings spread across 17 acres of land. An important symbol for the Czechs, this castle was founded in the 9th century by Prince Bořivoj of the Premyslid dynasty. It became the seat of past rulers, the Prague bishop and later presidents. After 1989, many areas of the Castle were made accessible to the general public for the first time, including Ballgame Hall, the Royal Garden, and the South Gardens. A number of priceless art relics, historical documents, as well as the Czech Crown Jewels are stored here. Don’t leave Prague without a visiting the castle.

Watch The Astronomical Clock

Astronomical Clock
Credit: Sebaso / CC BY-SA 3.0

This giant, whimsical clock dates back to the 14th century (1380) and has been modified, destroyed and repaired many times since then. Catch a glimpse of the 12 apostles every hour as they pass through the window above the astronomical dial. It has four moving automatons with a spooky skeleton ringing his knell for each hour passing and dials featuring German time, Babylonian time, Old Bohemian time and Sidereal time. The clock also tracks the Sun’s path through the zodiac constellations and the phases of the moon. Make sure to get there 10 minutes before the hour if you want a good spot to take photos.

Drink Your Way Through Prague

Prague beer
Credit: Viator

Raise a pint or five of delicious Czech beers! The best way to explore the Prague drinking scene is by joining in on a Prague beer tour. Beer connoisseurs can visit many local microbreweries and famous bars serving up Czech beers. With over 600 bars, the city also has a budding cocktail scene with some amazing drinks using locally sourced spirits and ingredients and with over 100 nightclubs, you’ll never have a dull night in the city. 

Check Out Prague’s Street Art

Credit: Adam Jones, Ph.D. / CC BY-SA 3.0

You’ll find several pieces of street art scattered around the city which hint at the city’s rebellious and unique spirit. Artist David Černý has commissioned several larger than life sculptures that make satirical political or social statements. Černý was also responsible for the Hlava Franze Kafky (Franz Kafka's Head) a giant bust made of 42 individually mechanized rotating layers. Kafka fans will also enjoy Prague’s tribute to him; a 12-foot high bronze statue depicting a suited Kafka on the shoulders of a gigantic headless man.

Don’t miss Lennon Wall, located in the heart of the Old Town near Charles Bridge. Once just a random wall, the 1980s saw a deluge of graffiti inspired by the Beatles’ song appear here as a form of protest against what the youth saw as the harsh communist reality of the Czech Republic. The original portrait of John Lennon has been covered with layers and layers of graffiti now and every time the wall is repainted by the authorities it just takes a couple of hours for new graffiti to appear.

Prague Zoo (Zoo Praha)

Established in 1931, the Prague Zoo was set up with the aim to protect wildlife, educate the public about its conservation and serve as a platform to study zoology. The massive zoo occupies an area of 58 hectares and houses approximately 4,200 animals from over 650 species, including some threatened by extinction. Kids will love the polar bears, gorillas, seals, Komodo dragons, giraffes, various types of monkeys and deer, etc. found here. The zoo houses the 4th best zoological garden in the world.

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