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Top Pros and Cons of No Deposit Bonus Offers

Poker games
Credit: Pexels / Olga Fedina

We all have a fair idea of how competitive the casino business can be. Notably, in the case of online casinos, the competition is higher. Many casinos struggle to make their brand trustworthy and build a robust user base. And that’s also why you need to make your casino pick carefully.

Want to get started with a no-deposit casino? While there are some great options like Ignition casino for you to try out, some players like a no-deposit casino as well. Here is what works and what doesn’t.

The Pros of No Deposit Bonus Offers

No deposit bonus casino is an amazing way to show off a casino's impressive collection of games and give new users a chance to get familiar with the website.

They allow you to try out new games.

When you have free credits, you have the opportunity to try out those games you didn't want to gamble on because they are new to you. With free spins, you can try them out with no risk involved.

The chances of winning increase

So, with free spins bonus, you are increasing your chances of winning big without having to stake any money.

There is no risk involved.

So you can be as experimentative with your strategies. You can throw caution to the wind and try out daring strategies while playing casino games.

Free credits offered

They are a great incentive for first-time players who have just begun to gamble. Free credits allow them to learn about the different games and strategies without paying a dime for it. You have the chance of winning a jackpot by staking absolutely nothing for it.

The cons of No Deposit Bonus offers are as follows

Casinos come with wagering requirements.

Almost all casinos attach wagering requirements with No Deposit Bonuses. These requirements decrease the actual amount of winnings you receive in your hands.

Withdrawal limits on your winnings

They won't let you withdraw 100% of your winnings to your bank account. Some portion of it has to be staked on other games in the casino. It is a common strategy used by casinos to make you play after your No Deposit Bonus has expired.

Some No Deposit Bonuses come with time bounds

They are available only for a fixed period, and that period is usually short. The bonus cash that you win can also have an expiry date. You have to stake them before time runs out, or they go waste.

Game restrictions also come with a No Deposit Bonus. You can use the bonus only in some games.

Need to bet the maximum amount to get the bonus

Sometimes, you have to bet the maximum amount in a game to avail of the No Deposit Bonus. Suppose you get a bonus of 100 coins in video poker. The maximum bet is five coins. You can use the 100 coin bonus only if you are betting five coins. If you bet four coins or below, it must come out of your own pockets. It messes up your strategy.

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