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Signature Cocktail Bars of Prague

Credit: Pixabay

With the highest per capita annual consumption, the Czech Republic is rightly called the country of beer lovers. However, in just half a decade Prague has developed a robust cocktail bar scene. 

Previously there were only a handful of bars where you could get staples like an Old Fashioned but now you can sample relatively obscure drinks like the Martinez (widely regarded as the precursor to the Martini) or a Brandy Daisy at over a dozen bars in Prague. Local bartenders are innovating using homegrown ingredients and spirits like Czech herbal liqueurs, to bring their own twist to classic cocktails. Here’s where you need to go to tap into the growing cocktail culture in Prague:

Groove Bar


One of Prague’s hippest bars, this hidden gem is located behind the National Theatre. With a dark, seductive interior and a friendly young staff, this bar is one of the hotspots in town, especially on weekends. You can start your night with one of their signature gin-based cocktails or a shot of the whisky-infused Penicillin from their two-level bar. If you’re a bit peckish, check out their excellent tapas menu and enjoy the latest in electronic music as you have a gala time here.

Black Angel’s Bar

Black Angel’s Bar

Black Angel’s Bar is widely regarded as one of the best hotel bars in Prague. Located inside the Gothic cellar of Hotel U Prince, this bar has a prohibition-era atmosphere. Enjoy live piano and saxophone as you tap your feet to old school jazz. The bar is known for its delicious cocktails and an extensive whiskey list. If you’re looking for something more contemporary to sip on, don’t fret, they’re connoisseurs of molecular mixology too.

Hemingway Bar


The Hemingway bar, named after the prolific American writer Ernest Hemingway, is ranked one of the top 50 bars in the world; the only one in Prague to achieve this feat. With the author’s favourite drinks being the main focus, the bar has one of the most extensive collections of absinthe we’ve seen, over 200 varieties of rum (including a Rum Club) and a long list of sparkling wines and champagnes; they even make their own bitters. We loved their signature Hemingway Daiquiri made with Havana Club 3 Años rum. The interior is old school, with a fine wooden bar, a few round tables, leather banquettes and the service is top-notch. Come down for a fancy cocktail experience; just make sure you abide by the few house rules. For example, wait to be seated and if you want to buy somebody a drink, you should check with the staff first, they will find out whether the person is interested. 

Can’t get enough of Prague’s nightlife? Head for a pub crawl around the city.

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