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The Faust House

Prague Faust house
Credit: PD Photo

Faust House (Faustuv dum) is one of the mysterious houses in Prague, Czech Republic. This beautiful building is located at Charles Square (Karlovo namesti) in Na Morani, the site where sacrifices were made to the dark goddess Morana. 

Legendary Dr. Faust was famous for his pact with the devil and black magic. So this house got its name for its mystical history and eccentric inhabitants.

In the 14th century, this house was owned by Prince Vaclav of Opava, an avid admirer of alchemy and natural sciences in the 14th century. In the reign of Rudolf II, the younger son of Jakub Krucinek, the astrologer, murdered the elder son over the treasure, supposedly lying hidden in the house.

Alchemist Edward Kelley or Ferdinand Antonin Mladota of Solopysky who also graced this house with their strange experiments adding to the eccentricity of the house. Explosions in the house caused holes in the roof. The son of Antonin was brilliant at mechanics and shocked people with the doors opening on their own, electric shocks when touched a handle or even flying staircases!

A legend also says that a poor student chose to live in the house as he had no other place to go. When he found a book of black magic in the house, he was believed to be taken by the devil, the same way Faust had been taken and was never seen again. Perhaps the creepiest inhabitant of the house was Karl Jaenig who painted the walls with funeral texts. He was fascinated by death and he slept in a coffin and wrote in his will that he wished to be laid down in the coffin facing the earth.

The eccentric behaviour of these dwellers made the Faust house, had a functional gallows at home and slept in a wooden coffin.

Even today, the unexplained fires, dead cats found in the basement of the house and continue to keep the eccentricity of the Faust House alive. This house is now closed to the public.

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