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Prague Nightlife

Image Credit: CreativeCommons/Chmee2

Like its historic significance, Prague has known also for rich and entertaining nightlife. The city offers everything that one looks for spending a night. It is one of the places most admired by the youngsters, teenagers, and onlookers. After you are done with touring the city whole day, you get a chance to experience an entirely different life with lots of sparkling lights, colorful bulbs, glittering atmosphere and exciting parties. The city looks much different after sunset than it appears during the day.

Spending a night in clubs, bars, discos, and pubs gives you a rejoicing environment and a different feeling altogether.

The city consists of more than 100 clubs of different styles and sizes. Choose a club where to want to spend night.

Here is a list of places where you can spend your nights:

Beer halls and pubs: Prague is popular for its traditional pubs and beer halls. The consumption of beer is not a new hobby in the city. There are more than 800 pubs and also, the city enjoys the highest position as beer consumers per capita in the world. Beer is easily available at low price and cheaper cost. In fact, a history is associated with the production of beers in the Czech Republic.

Fusion Clubs: Looking for DJs, dance, and drinks? then your search ends at Prague. As a result of booming travel and tourism, the city has come up with lots of clubs that offer wonderful nightlife and electrifying surroundings. With a stadium-like infrastructure accommodating thousands of people, you forget everything and rejoice.

Western Bars: Although the city has lots of traditional pubs, it also has many pubs more western. Growing tourism industry has brought an array of bars in the city. Most of the bars are located in the centre of the city that offers an exceptional environment for exciting nightlife. Prague has slowly transformed into a cosmopolitan city as well a perfect place for tourists, expats, and local clientele.

Strip Clubs: Another concern of the city is its increasing image of being a strip city. As a result of this, Prague is a known city for many strip clubs. This type of exotic centres is most sophisticated entertainment in the city. Strip Clubs consist of both male and female dancers. These places are famous for strip-dancing, artistic performance, and exciting music.

Plan a holiday trip with your folks and friends. Avail flights to Prague and e-book hotels in Prague. Experience the essence of colorful nightlife in the city.


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Jaroslav Riha
I liked your blog and especially the way you mentioned your concern for the city's image as a strip city. The pubs and Bars are great here and you have described them in a great manner.

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