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The Prague of Kafka

Kafka has inevitably left his imprints all over Prague, his birth town. He had a sort of love-hate affair with Prague. His Kafkaesque legacy still breathes life in Prague. Born in Prague on 3rd July 1883, Kafka spent most of his life in Prague, though he traveled to many other places in his lifetime. Kafka's work was published posthumously and ironically was published in his homeland only after twenty years of his death.
Creative Commons/Myrabella
It is legendarily known that Kafka had asked his friend Max Brod to destroy the manuscripts after his death. However, Max against his friend's wishes edited the manuscripts and published them, giving the world a true literary genius. For Kafka buff's, it is a genuine treat to follow the life of Kafka, while spending their holidays in Prague. The Kafka statue, inspired by his writings shows Kafka perched on the shoulders of a headless man. It is a symbol of being trapped in the bureaucracy of the modern man, which was vehemently abhorred by Kafka. His grave lies at Zikrov in Prague. The Kafka Museum in Prague celebrates the work and life of his literary genius. Kafka buff's can even track their steps in history and visit 'Cafe Slavia' which was Kafka's favorite cafe joint.

An exploration of Prague is essential to get acquainted with Kafka, the man behind literary masterpieces. Visit Prague, where you can come close to a piece of the writer's soul.

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