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An Experience – Shopping in Prague

Creative Commons/Che
Prague is rich in historical buildings and Gothic, baroque architecture. It’s a land of fantasy come alive. The towering spires and the enigmatic Prague Castle make a fantastic setting for the haunting background of Prague. The cobbled streets, the beautiful Gothic architecture littered throughout the city only add to the mysterious air of Prague. There are many enjoyable joys awaiting for you in this enigmatic city and one of them is shopping.
Prague offers everything, from international brands to local items. Shopping malls, new hypermarkets, and souvenir shops run aplenty in Prague. There are many souvenir shops in the centre of Prague. Some of the best Czech souvenirs can be found here. Traditional Czech jewelry, bohemian crystal, hand blown glass artifacts, porcelain items, bead jewelry and wooden toys are the best bargains. The puppets especially the Marionettes have been a part of Prague history and are a great memento to take home. However, souvenirs alone do not constitute the items offered by Prague. There are many shopping malls throughout that feature international brands and products. The Myslbek Shopping Gallery, named after the sculptor of the St Wenceslas statue of the Wenceslas Square was the first shopping mall to open in Prague. The Slavic House, the Palladium, the Vinohrady Hall and many other shopping malls grace the city, where you can shop up to your heart’s content. The department stores in Prague are being neglected in favour of the trendy, glittering and swanky shopping malls. However, you will be able to find many bargain deals at these sad glories of the past such as the White Swan department store, Marks & Spencer’s, Tesco and Anchor department stores.

So book your Prague holidays this season and anticipate the thrill of shopping in Prague along with various other Prague attractions.

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