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Budget holidays in Prague

WN/Hana Kotulanova
Prague is an enchanting city that seems to leap straight out of the pages from a fairytale book. The towering spires, curving cobbled pathways, leisurely promenades and tiny cottages only add to the dream like air of Prague. There is something surprising to explore at every bend and corner of Prague.

Steeped in architectural splendour, it is a dreamer’s wish come true. Prague is generous in its myriad offerings and travellers to the city are grateful for it. Some have already had a taste of Prague and yearn for more while others dream of it but are unable to realise their dream.

Some people falsely believe that planning holidays in Prague would be very expensive and put a huge dent in their bank accounts. It is a misconception that only people with bottomless bank accounts can enjoy Prague holidays. With a little compromise and careful planning, you will be set for your vacation in Prague. If you plan your trip early you can easily avail huge discounts and book cheap flights to Prague. There are also many budget hotels in Prague where you can save a lot on your accommodation expenses. Hotel Czech Inn, Miss Sophie’s, Hotel Michael and many other budget hotels are listed on Though there are many opportunities to explore Prague on foot, it is necessary to have transport to visit some sites of Prague. For this purpose, you can easily avail cheap Prague car rentals from There are also many experiences that you can enjoy without any cost such as the breathtaking views or hearing the music of the city.



florianna Loo

We are interested to travel in late November to Prague. What do u recommend for accommodation? What activitiess to do in Nov period in Prague?

Thanks! Support Team

You could check out .. There are quite a few interesting activities lined up for November.. We would recommend the 'Prague in One Day Sightseeing Tour' and 'Prague Folklore Party Dinner and Entertainment'. Also, there are some fantastic hotels deals offering up to 30% discount.. Check them out on

I'm stayig at this hotel as I'm wrniitg this and it's a Hell hole. My roomate went to the business center and spent $10 they made five fraudulent charges to her credit card for services she didn't buy, The elevators don't work had to walk through a stinky stairwell with a dead cockroach in the middle of the floor which has been there now for two days. Called the front desk because of IT problems they transferred us to an outsourced IT vendor and charged us for the long distance call.

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