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Top Alternative Prague Tours

There are so many ways to get to know a city and its history. You have the choice to explore Prague on your own two feet or comfortably on a Hop-on, Hop-off open-top bus tour. But experienced travellers aren't just here for tourism; they want to go well beyond the scope of normal touring. These alternative tours show a different side of Prague that what you’ve seen on most guided tours.
The Homeless Tour
Now this may sound a little strange, but nevertheless interesting. Prague has always been portrayed as the city of golden spires, cobbled streets and of course, the Castle. However, every city has its dark, hidden side and Prague is no exception. The Homeless Tour provides tourists an insight into the world of homeless people by incorporating squats, sheltered housing, and hidden corners of the city. The tour guides are the homeless themselves, who during the walking tour will narrate his/her life story. Part of the ticket price goes directly to the tour leader, which is not only a helping hand but also a chance to change public opinion and blend with the society.

If you feel like trying the Homeless Tour, give their site a visit.

The Vintage Car Tour
The Vintage Car Tour offers guests interesting ways to explore Prague with rides in historical vehicles, such as a vintage 1929 Praga or 1939 Mercedes. Discover Prague in style as you would in the 1920’s, without having to walk for hours. The open top car means you have an unobstructed view of the city skyline that makes a perfect setting for photos. You determine the pick-up time from the hotel from where the driver will take you on this exciting tour through Prague Old Town, Mala Strana, and the quarter of the Castle, including major Prague sights. The cars belong to the years 1928–35, are very well-maintained and in excellent working order.

If you're interested in the Vintage Car Tour, give their site a visit

The Communism Tour

The late 20th century played havoc in Prague as communism raised its ugly head. Functionalism took root, which affected the architecture of the city. The Communism Tour guides tourists to the life of people during the communist era before the Velvet Revolution set in and shaped things up for a new, revived future. Tour details include communist-era flats called ‘rabbit huts’, which were unimaginatively designed with no decorative details to boast of. It also tells about the largest Stalin statue ever built, details of the Prague Spring and a visit to an authentic 1950s nuclear bunker.

Details about the communism and nuclear bunker tour are available here

The Bike Tour
Credit: Viator
Credit: Viator
The Prague Bike Tour is one of the best ways to experience Prague's exceptional architecture and famous landmarks. Bicycle tours are an ideal option for health-conscious tourists as a popular way to exercise and to enjoy the great outdoors. While at the same time they move at a comfortable pace for those who haven’t ridden a bike in a while or are beginners. Discover the city of Prague on both sides of the river as you ride through quaint cobblestone side streets.

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