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Christmas the traditional Czech way

Credit: Creative Commons/Karelj
Credit: Creative Commons/Karelj
Christmas in Prague is a beautiful experience. Most Czech people spend this special holiday at home with their families giving visitors an amazing opportunity to explore the peaceful, snow dusted city.
Visiting Prague in the holidays offers a splendid opportunity to take in the beautifully decorated area, tours that are available in the morning, some festive concerts, and the Midnight Mass held at Strahov Monastery.
Credit: Creative Commons/Karelj
Credit: Creative Commons/Karelj
A traditional Czech Christmas is very similar to the American tradition. Czech families spend the December 24th decorating a tree and preparing lots of delightful food for a wonderful evening celebration. As tradition dictates, during the day on December 24th, Czechs can only eat sauerkraut soup in order to view the golden piglet which is said to bring wealth. After sunset, the real meal is served. Carp is the main fare, cooked in breadcrumbs and served with a lovely potato salad.

The meal is started with a fish soup and a Christmas bread, like apple strudel for dessert. After dinner is finished, Jezisek, meaning Little Jesus, brings the family presents. Children's eyes widen with delight as they enter the lounge where piles of presents have magically appeared around the tree. Presents are opened and the evening is spent with family, playing games and having a wonderful time. Most families complete the evening by attending Midnight Mass at their local church. There are also a few fun superstitions that accompany this holiday, dinner tables should only be set for even numbers of guests, odd numbers bring bad luck. No one should sit with their backs to the door. Everyone should rise from the dinner table at the same time, the first to leave the table will be the first to die the next year.

Christmas in Prague is a wonderful time full of beauty, magic, and family. Enjoy wonderful food and tour the amazing old world sights of the city to create amazing holiday memories.

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