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Have a scrumptious traditional Czech Dinner

Credit: Creative Commons
Credit: Creative Commons

A traditional Czech meal is a beautifully done amalgamation of meat, herbs and vegetables. The food here has also been greatly influenced by the neighbouring countries. A typical Czech meal will consist of three to four courses and will be finished off by a drink.


Soups make up the first course and may include varieties like garlic soup, chicken and noodle soup, beef and dumpling soup, dill soup, etc.

The main Course
Credit: Creative Commons/Qwerty Binary
Credit: Creative Commons/Qwerty Binary
A meat preparation and a side-dish make up the main course, and mostly chicken, beef and pork is used. Seafood is not very popular, but some time fishes like cod or trout are served. Some popular dishes are Roast pork, dumplings and sauerkraut, Beef goulash, Fried cheese, Roasted chicken with potatoes, Beef sirloin with dumplings and vegetable cream sauce and many more preparations. While side-dishes like boiled or roasted potatoes, bread dumplings, rice etc are thoroughly relished.


The desserts are specially made by using copious amounts of butter or whipped cream; as a result they might become a bit unhealthy. For desserts they serve delicious Medovník (Honey cakes), Crepes, Apple strudel or ice creams.

Credit: Creative Commons/Jmcstrav at English Wikipedia
Credit: Creative Commons/Jmcstrav at English Wikipedia
No Czech meal is complete without the nation’s traditional beverage, i.e. the beer. Apart from alcoholic drinks, you can also have orange, apple or any other kind of fruit juices. Many people are also like to have tea after dinner.

So, do not forget to try at least once an authentic Czech meal when you visit Prague.

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