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7 Must-Try Winter Comfort Foods in Prague

Trdelnik. Credit: Pixabay/PAVM

There's nothing better than gorging on delicious traditional meals while you are travelling to a new city. Whether Prague, Helsinki, Paphos or Mexico City, every city has traditional seasonal food that should be on your must-eat list. Check out our top 7 recommendations of Czech winter cuisine that you cannot miss out on! Order at a local restaurant, and let us know which one is your favourite!


Trdelník is one of Prague's most well-known Christmas treats! This local sweet delicacy is made with dough, sugar, cinnamon and walnuts. You can try making this at home, but we recommend enjoying a bite or two of this sugary delight when it's piping hot while walking outdoors.


A word of caution if you plan to take a bite of Langoš: throw away your diet plan. This dangerously cheesy dish is served with ketchup, and garlic is the perfect mid-day meal you can enjoy over some hot beverage. Share a bite or two with your friends for a good time!


If you love a traditional American apple pie, you'll love the Czech version in Prague. Zemlovka is a childhood comfort food made with layers of bread soaked in milk, cinnamon, and sugar. Try ordering it at a restaurant with your favourite meal. You will keep wanting more!


Bramboračka is a proper winter dish that is both warming to the body and hearty for your stomach. This is potato soup with root vegetables and mushrooms, giving you a rich combination of minerals & vitamins for tackling the Czech winters. Sip away!

Beef Goulash

Beef Goulash is also called Hovězí Guláš. Slow-braised beef is served with spices, garlic, caraway seeds, onion and bread. If you ask us, this is a local favourite you'll find in every food corner. Enjoy this with a cold bottle of beer, and you're done for the night. Yummy!

Pečená Husička

Pečená Husička is one of Czech cuisine's most popular winter dishes that is majorly enjoyed on November 11th and after. This warm winter meal consists of roasted goose, dumplings and red cabbage. It's a comforting, hearty meal best enjoyed with family!


If you're looking for something deep-fried and delicious, then put Bramborák on the top of your must-eat list! They are essentially potato pancakes, which include potatoes, salt, garlic, eggs & flour. It is served plain or with smoked meat as a main dish. A perfect feast for curing a hangover!

If you've indulged in these winter delights, it's time to shed those extra pounds. Opt for winter sports like skiing, sledding, ice skating, and more. Book your adventure now!

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