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Best Travel Advice For Solo Travellers To Prague

Credit: Pexels

Prague is an incredible year-round destination and perfect for solo travellers who are looking for an awesome vacation experience. The city is ideal for backpackers too. Here are some practical tips for solo travelling to Prague.

Where to stay

There are various accommodation options like apartments, hostels, villas, home-stay. If you want to be in a laid-back part of the city, try Mala Strana, whereas Prague's Old Town is the lively area. Hotels in the outskirts little cheaper than the hotels in the city centre.. 

Hotels in Prague
Credit: Pxhere

Getting around 

Best way to explore Prague is on foot. Prague has an integrated metro, tram, and bus network with tickets valid on all types of transport. The transport system is efficient and easily accessible. You will need to extra-cautious about pick-pocketing whilst using public transportation or in crowded areas, the city centre, and outdoor cafes. Also, remember to keep valuables out-of-sight, when using car rental services.

What to Eat

There is a variety of food options from grilled sausages to goulash and dumplings. Look out for the outdoor-patio-styled restaurants, but take care of your belongings. Do not leave drinks unattended, when accepting drinks at bars or clubs.

Food In Prague
Credit: Pixabay

Money safety

Remember to use ATMs at monitored locations. Try currency exchanges at reputable banks or legitimate money kiosks. 

Follow general safety rules. Avoid travelling late at night and follow the pedestrian rules. Avoid flashing your valuables or documents (passport) keep them at the hotel safe.

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