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Explore the Karlstejn Castle on a Day Trip From Prague

Karlstejn Castle
Credit: Creative Commons/Lukáš Kalista

If you are a traveller with a penchant for art and culture, then you must visit the Gothic Karlstejn Castle in Prague which tells you the story of this enchanting city. The castle lies on a majestic hill 18 miles south-west of Prague.

The Karlstejn Castle was established by Charles IV, King of Bohemia in the fourteenth century as a place to safely store his jewels, valuables, royal treasures and the Imperial Regalia. The castle is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Prague and is located above the Karlstejn village.

The Imperial Crown. Credit: Creative Commons/CSvBibra

 Its gothic style architecture integrates places like the Hall of Knights, chapel of St. Nicholas, Courtier's Hall, the Chapter Deanery, the Audience and Banqueting Halls,  the Hall of Knights and chapel of St. Nicholas, the Royal Bedroom, the Hall of Ancestors, the castle prison, the Treasury and Jewels Hall, etc. The stunning paintings, murals and frescos will give you a feeling of experiencing something eternally wonderful.         

Pope Gregory I, by Theodoric. Credit: Creative Commons

A tour to this place can be comfortably covered in 5-6 hours and it takes about half an hour to reach the castle from the base. For refreshments, you can visit a store in the castle which sells drinks and snacks. You can also take tours to visit this place for a well-rounded experience.

Visit this ancient gothic marvel surrounded by lush forest and green vineyards to discover a place favoured by European royalties.

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