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Enjoy the Festival of Tanec Praha in Prague

The wonderful capital of the Czech Republic has more to offer than just historic European architecture, breathtaking sightseeing landmarks and upbeat nightlife. In the city of Prague, you will find a lot more of historic culture to explore during your holiday. During this holiday, be sure to check out the popular Tanec Praha festival to enjoy a night of dance and entertainment.

The Tanec Praha is an international festival for celebrating contemporary dance. It aims to bring light to the changing social and artistic conditions and to allow the public to see the different trends and the best of the entertainment world. This particular festival in Prague has gained quite an enormous amount of public interest because of the variety of prestige dancing groups taking the stage and showcasing different cultures through movement.

Held annually in June, the Tanec Praha Festival, also called the Dance Prague festival is organized to encourage people to dance in the Czech Republic. When travelling to the city of Prague during this time, you will see famous and different dance groups from all over the world, participating and showing off the best skills. If you love art, drama and dance, then you are in for an exciting treat during the Tanec Praha event. For people of all age groups, there are special events and productions extended for children and students to encourage learning different art forms. It is truly a festival for all!

Visit and explore the many different festivals of Prague and get a chance to experience an unforgettable adventure.

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