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Buy Prague's Traditional Souvenirs

Jewellery Shop
Credit: Unsplash

The capital city of the Czech Republic, Prague is at the top of the list of European tourist destinations. With some stunning landmarks and attractions, you can explore the landlocked city and wander through the streets checking out the people and the culture. During every visit, shopping is must and there are many places to shop in Prague, check out the best items you can buy.

Bohemian crystal

Hand cut and engraved in small factories all over the city, the Bohemian glass or crystal is a local hero. You can find stunning cutlery as a showpiece in your house.


Puppets aren’t just for children. These wooden toys are handcrafted and they can be a little pricey but the high quality is worth the purchase; especially as a collectable.


Garnet is a semi-precious stone which is known for being a royal gem in the Czech Republic. Aside from jewellery, it is even used to make art. Ask for an authenticity certificate and buy something that fits your budget.

Literary items of Franz Kafka

The famous Franz Kafka lived in Prague his entire life and is famous for his work The Metamorphosis. You cannot leave Prague without visiting the Kafka Museum. Many copies of his works are available in gift shops as well.

Art Works

Art Nouveau is famous all over Prague, and you will find it everywhere from the Old Town Hall to local cafes and theatres. Besides checking out the art display in museums try buying copies of the original for your home.

Retail therapy can be an exciting experience, and it can even be more pleasant if you simply rent a car and easily travel through the streets of Prague.

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