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Explore Places with Alternative Culture in Prague

The capital city of the Czech Republic is an important holiday destination among tourists worldwide. This European city is known for its stunning architecture and even better sightseeing spots. While you can go check out the nightlife in Prague and explore the local culture, we recommend places where you will learn about Prague that is different from the mainstream city life.


Seeking new waves to inspire and create art, Dox is well known to the people of Prague. Converted from an old factory, the multi-use space showcases the brilliant architecture to include a bookstore, café and even exhibition spots.

La Fabrika

Located in the Holesovice district in Prague, this multipurpose space is a treasure trove of culture. Including 20th-century factory buildings, there are a lot of theatre projects and various other experiments that can be found there.

Jatka 78

Quite unique to its purpose, Jatka 78 was initially a slaughterhouse that has been converted into a multifunctional space that includes a bar, gallery, and a training hall. Besides that, it is also home to the Cirk La Putyka, a circus troupe that excels in modern dance and acrobatics.


Another popular cultural block in the Holesovice district is Vnitroblock. This multi-use space gives off an industrial atmosphere and is perfect if you want to try some coffee, buy clothing or visit a contemporary art exhibition and workshops. Relatively new, it is already making a name for itself!

Explore these places in Prague and don’t forget to head over to the local museums to gain even more insight into their culture.

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