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Rest and Relax in the Incredible Prague

R&R in Prague
Credit: Pixabay

A city that is quickly becoming a centre for digital nomads and tech workers, Prague still has a well-preserved medieval history, with expansive parks and old bathhouses.

The city has many avenues opening up which are dedicated to rest and relaxation.

Roman Bath at Marianske Lazne

Known as the spa town, Marianske Lazne has charming hotels and spas surrounding a park with a singing fountain. The springs in Marianske Lazne are known for their salt, mineral and carbon dioxide content. Head to the Old Traditional Royal Cabin for a mineral bath or the carbon dioxide bath treatment at the Maria Spa. Take a dip in the original copper tub before heading to the Roman Baths. You can also take advantage of the many wellness other wellness features available at the spas like massages and saunas. 

A Quiet Stroll in Petrín Park 

One of the city’s biggest and most beautiful parks, Petrín Park offers sweeping views of the surrounding urban area. The park is open 24 hours and admission is free.

You’ll find a garden, a maze, and a lookout tower built to look like the Eiffel Tower. Climb the 299 steps to the top of the tower and get a spectacular view of the city. It is so easy to get lost in nature’s beauty. Wander among the trees to reconnect with the wild as you follow paths that meander. If walking up the hilly park isn’t for you, there is a funicular that can take you down (or up) the hill but make sure you don’t miss out on the view!

Relax at a Beer Spa

Relax both body and mind at one of the beer spas in Prague. Although its name suggests otherwise, you don’t literally sit in a tub of beer but rather the ingredients of beer, like hops and yeast. These ingredients are said to be good for your skin, so soaking in the tub has relaxation and health benefits. Many beer spas offer you unlimited beers to sip on while you soak in as well as your standard wellness facilities. 

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