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Fred and Ginger: Dancing House in Prague

'Fred and Ginger' is an artistic, ultra modern, attention-grabbing building with creative architecture and design. This famous monument is located in Prague, just down the road from the cathedral of Saints Cyril and Methodius where the Czech Paratroopers hid in World War II.

Prague locals love to call this Nationale-Nederlanden building 'Fred and Ginger' as its design resembles a dance posture of two dancers 'Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers', the sensational duo who made many classic and dancing films together. One of the building's tower depicts a graceful lean towards the other and so the building is also famous as 'Dancing House in Prague'. The design with rhythmic lines, curves and the modern architecture of the building are in total contrast with other beautiful neighbouring historic buildings influenced by Baroque, Gothic and Art Nouveau.

The 'Dancing House in Prague' was designed in 1992 by Vlado Milunić, a Croatian-Czech architect, and Frank Gehry, a Canadian-American architect on a vacant riverfront. This is a plot where the previous building had been destroyed during the Bombing of Prague in 1945. Construction of this dancing building was completed in the year 1996.

The last floor of the Dancing House boasts a French resto with panoramic views of Prague city and an extensive wine and diners menu.

Fans of modern architecture should take a walk to see 'Dancing House' standing gracefully near the banks of beautiful Vltava river.

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