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Budget-Friendly Things To Do in Prague

The city of Prague, is teeming with nightclubs, bars, cafes and good breweries. Tourists are drawn to this modern and buzzing Prague. However, there are many beautiful and enchanting venues in Prague that you can soak in for free. Prague is rich in cultural heritage with a lot of ancient and fascinating churches and castles in the city.
Most of these pleasurable experiences can be enjoyed for free. Here are some of the free and fun experiences you can have in Prague:

Prague Castle - Prague Castle is the seat of the President of the Czech Republic. Most of the areas of the castle are open and free to visitors. A fee has to be paid for the historical monuments and the exhibition halls. However, the beautiful gardens surrounding this area are free to visit. The traditional changing of the guard happens every day at noon in the first courtyard and at the castle gates in the evening. The castle grounds are open every day until midnight except for when the season does not permit it. So you can have a quiet stroll in a moonlit garden, as there's no rush of the crowd at this time.

Charles Bridge - The foundation stones for the Charles Bridge were laid by Emperor Charles IV in 1937. He is popularly called as the Father of the Czech Nation. 30 baroque statues adorned the bridge. These have been replaced by replicas. The statues are mostly of saints. Artists, musicians, and painters can be found on the bridge. A trip to Prague is incomplete without a stroll down this beautiful bridge.

Old Town Square - The Old Town Square forms the center of Prague. Here, one can view a blend of architectural styles, Gothic, Baroque and Romanesque. Notable attractions at the Square is the Astronomical Clock that dates back to 1410, depicting solar and lunar positions. It also features a monthly calendar and the 12 apostles who move at every hour.

Parks - There are a lot of beautiful parks in Prague, that offer green spaces, biking, walking lanes and panoramic views of the city. Stromovka Park and Petrin Hill are among some of the most popular parks in the city.

Churches - Beautiful, medieval churches are a distinctive feature of Prague. Visitors have free access to the Church of Our Lady Before Tyn. The renowned Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe is buried here. The twin towers, a distinctive feature of the church, can be seen from afar. A small part of the monumental structure near the entrance of St. Vitus Cathedral is free for visitors. However, fees are charged for full access. This is the country's most largest and popular church.

So for your coming holidays in Prague, do not miss out on these fun and free experiences.

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