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Old Czech Phone Booths Get a New Life

Phone Booths
Credit: Pixabay

In the age of ever-changing technology, traditional phone booths are dwindling in numbers leaving behind only their nostalgic value.

Two friends from Prague, Monika Serbusová and Pavel Železný couldn’t see the old telephone booths disappearing from Prague streets. An innovative idea struck their minds and they decided to convert them into public libraries for avid readers.

The thought was instantly put into action with the help of sponsors Telefónica phone operator's foundation who donated seven unused phone booths. Monika Serbusová and Pavel Železný repaired and varnished the phone booths plus also made bookshelves of old crates inside the booths.

Many donors started donating their books along with Monika’s grandmother. The first “Book Booth” (KnihoBudka) opened in IKEM hospital followed by two booths in Na Bulovce hospital and Fénix shopping centre. At present, the booths are installed inside buildings but depending on their popularity, Monika and Pavel are planning to set up the booths near metro and railway stations.

People can read, borrow books or leave one of their own at the booth.

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