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Why Visit Prague During The Wine Harvest Festival?

Grapes between Klentnice and Pavlov, Břeclav District
Traveling to Prague is a marvelous idea for wine lovers, especially if you are an aficionado of wine tasting events.
As if a person really needed another reason to visit Prague beside the fact that it is situated in one of the most beautiful, yet under-appreciated countries in Europe. Even though Prague is a tourist's jewel, the capital of the Czech Republic, is not as highly visited by tourists and many other countries in Europe. The secret is that it may very well be one of the fascinating countries to travel to and explore Prague's attractions.

The Prague Wine Harvesting Festival is a wondrous event that is not well known outside of the Czech Republic. One reason is that people rarely drink Czech wine unless they visit Prague during that season. Few Czech wines are drunk outside of the country and most vineyards only produce enough for the domestic market and not enough to export. So, for this reason, Czech wines are not well represented internationally, even though their quality and complexity are sensational.

Prague attractions include quite a few examples of impressive architecture. You should check out Wenceslas Square at night for an impressive display, see the Powder Tower that dates back to 1475, the Old Town Square, and the Jewish Quarter is particularly impressive to visit. The National Theatre is a significant neo-classical landmark situated beautifully on the margins of the Vltava River close to the Prague Castle. The most impressive complex of antique buildings is Prague Castle, which is also located on the side of the Vltava River, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The castle complex consists of a gathering of churches, castles, palaces, and other associated buildings are widely renowned as an architectural marvel of neo-classical period construction. Truly, Prague is a city that you cannot miss.

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