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Why Should You Head to Prague in Winter? 5 Top Reasons!

Charles Bridge in winter Prague
Charles Bridge in winter, Prague. Credit: Pexels/Helena Jankovičová Kováčová

You have to admit, a snow-covered European city is much better than your average beach destination. Prague is one such city that makes winter look romantic & inviting. From restaurants to old historic landmarks, this city has plenty of sights to explore, only if you are willing to endure the cold. And if you are, there is no better place than the Czech Republic to spend the winter holiday season. Here are 5 top reasons why!

Romantic Scenery

The best part of wintertime is the snow, and the beautiful scenery makes the season even more enticing. The best views of the city to see during this time are at the Charles Bridge, Prague Castle and if you can make it in the cold - the Petřín Lookout Tower. Picture the Old Town & historical buildings covered with a thick blanket of snow while you wander around at twilight among the Christmas-decorated streets; how romantic!

Christmas Markets

Christmas Market Prague
Christmas Market, Prague. Credit: Pixabay/maatcheck

If you're heading to Prague in December, then be prepared to experience Christmas vibes everywhere. From city streets to suburbs, the twinkling decor lights, candy canes and trees are a sight to see! Make sure to walk around by Wenceslas Square or the Old Town Square to see the city lit up. The Christmas markets in Old Town are some of the best you'll find. From mulled wine and fresh food to handmade crafts, there's a lot to enjoy just by walking around here.

Private Excursions

Because of the fewer crowds, you'll find some of the best deals for booking tours with the family. And the best part is that some of them can be private to you! If you can brave the cold and wind, then Prague will give you some of the best private tours in and around the city during the wintertime, so you feel like the attractions and museums are made just for you!

Budget and Crowds

Prague in winter
Credit: Pixabay/rainhard2

The most pleasing part about visiting Europe's most popular tourist destination during wintertime is that it is easy on a budget! Travellers love the blossoming spring season or bright summer days, so mostly, you'll find thinner tourist crowds during this time. This means getting budget tickets for events, tours and even hotel room discounts is a possibility! Win-win!

Czech Winter Food

Because of the season, traditional winter food tends to be much heavier and meatier than summer. Think of classic soups, stews and comfort side dishes like potatoes with pork gravy! Zelňačka is a popular winter dish, which is an aromatic cabbage soup which you can drown with a sip of Svařák or mulled wine. A hot coffee made with local spices is also well-known at the Christmas markets. Talk about delicious!

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