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Kutna Hora - Prague Surroundings

Kutná Hora
Credit: Ptrantina / CC BY-SA 3.0

If you've visiting almost all top attractions in Prague and are looking out for some nearby attractions, then Kutna Hora is the place you should head to. Kutna Hora is a living, working city without any vanity and is about 1-hour driving distance from Prague. 

The star attractions are an old silver mine, ancient architecture and the bizarre and creepy Bone Church. Kutna Hora was home to Europe's largest silver mines and was responsible for minted maximum coins in Europe until 1700. It later gained the status of a royal city in the 14th century. As the city prospered, new monuments and ambitious buildings were planned in the city.

St Barbara's Cathedral and the Cathedral of our Lady at Sedlac are fine examples of the splendid architecture that still graces the city.

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