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The Mystical Land of Lesser Town

Lesser Town, locally known as Mala Strana, is one of the historic regions of Prague from where the Kings of Bohemia once ruled Europe with steely determination. Founded in 1257 on the foothills of Prague Castle, Lesser Town lies across the Charles Bridge on the banks of the Vltava River. Unlike its futuristic thinking neighborhood of Old Town and New Town, Lesser Town still revels in remarkable cultural values passed through the ages.
Stay in one of the hotels in Prague in Lesser Town if you are looking for a quaint, picturesque look of an English medieval town. In contrast with the hustle and bustle of other Prague districts, Lesser Town enjoys its silence and restrained existence. As you take a leisurely stroll down the narrow streets, around every corner is a piece of history. Ancient burgher houses, noble homes, administrative palaces, age-old markets and Baroque buildings are now restored to into shops, offices, embassies, and hotels to preserve their characters.

Wake up to a comparatively less noisy street in Lesser Town and dress up to visit traditional Czech pubs and breweries to get a serving of typical pub food and authentic Czech cuisine. The Lesser Town Square which has been the hub of activity since the 10th century proudly houses a mixture of small shops, old pubs,  restaurants, and embassies in Baroque buildings. Together they fashion out to tend an old-fashioned bazaar scene.

Prague Castle less or more dominates Lesser Town's main attractions, but there are other equally enchanting sites as well. The splendid choice includes St Nicholas Church, Lesser Town Square, Wallenstein Palace, Church of St.Thomas, Vrtba Garden, Church of Our Lady Victorious, Maltese Square, Kampa Island and of course Charles Bridge which connects Lesser Town with the Old Town.

This time why not spend your Prague holidays in Lesser Town? It is within a distance to Old Town, Charles Bridge, and various sites but still in a relatively quiet location.


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