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Prague Sidetrips - Not to be Missed

Prague Sidetrips
Credit: Pixabay
Prague, a city famous as a cultural hub in central Europe has a multitude of attractions for you including ancient castles, museums, theatres and galleries. City's culture proudly nurtures its cultural heritage including operas, dance forms and a long literary history as well.
Along with Prague's world-famous attractions, city's outskirts and nearby one day trip locations have become quite famous nowadays.

Rivers such as the Vltava, Sazava (a tributary of the Vltava River) and Berounka are famous amongst tourists for day trips while mountains such as Jizera and Krkonose are favourite weekend getaways. When you visit Prague, make sure to spare some days, at least two or three days for such side-trips. Here are some hotspots where you can spend some hours and enjoy the tranquil Prague countryside. Stay at Prague hotels located in the outskirts or cottages that are available on rent will make your visit to Prague unforgettable.

Boarding a train to Berlin and some other Polish as well as German cities also considered to be one of the exciting holiday plans when you are in Prague.

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In Prague I was feeling safe, first of all.There are no more teehvis there than anywhere else, though Czech people may be aware of them.Prague is marvelous, spiritual, lively… never dead. Would you look for nightlife in the streets? Or rather in clubs, discos, restaurants, there are plenty of ‘bohemian’ (artistic) places there!I remember walking in the evening in Old Town square, jazz bands playing blues in the open air, giving a special warm spirit to the place and the moment.For students Prague is a unique place to get a high level education and nice international communication.One can have a great time there, but it also depends on you.Good luck!

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